Medical Equipment Dealers In India

Published: 28th October 2011
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Medical equipments are manufactured and designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical defects. These devices are usually put together after adhering to rigorous safety standards as they concern significant conditions of the human body. They are specially designed tools or devices developed for performing specific actions of carrying out desired effects during an ailment.

Utmost care must be taken to identify and select the right quality, durability and reliability in terms of design and structure, while selecting medical equipments as well as instruments because they can succour or hamper recovery from impairments. In the technologically endowed, contemporary medical environment, medical equipments have attained an inimitable position.

They have become the lifelines of today’s hospitals, as they cannot work effectively without medical equipment modernisation. Though quality and price have become major determining factors for deciding upon the purchase of such equipments and concerns for medical facilities, healthcare centres, hospitals and research facilities. Identifying the right seller can help one buy reasonably priced recertified medical equipment which works well too. There are a plethora of manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of medical equipment across the nation and the capital.

They offer great variety in terms of equipment type, equipment brand, refurbished and used the profession area it is chosen for (like anaesthesiology, cardiology, endoscopy, dermatology etc.)

The primary objective of such dealers/ manufacturers is to fulfil the ever growing needs & up-gradations for various specialisations of medical field. The products can be used in most of the Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics & for Personal Health Care.

Their target is to be committed to serve their valuable customers with quality equipment at affordable prices and to establish long-lasting business relations with their Channel Partners, Doctors and End-users. For such dealers and manufacturers the quality of surgical equipments offered must be more than literal obedience to a set of rules & policies, and must be an active effort for overall improvement.

A few established and reputed Medical equipment dealer in India include:

(A) GPC Medical Ltd.
(B) Anand Surgical Industries (India),
(C) Hd Consortium India,
(D) Mex India,
(E) Styker India Pvt Ltd,
(F) New Era Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

LARS Medicare is another reputed manufacturer and dealer of medical equipments aiming their efforts in establishing themselves as a leading manufacturer of I.V. Cannulae branded "Provein", and a diverse range of medical devices. In their existence in the industry, they continue to develop special know-how in the design, development and manufacturing of product range.

Their growth approach and aim for large customer network, both domestic & international, is a result of directed approach towards customer satisfaction through Quality Product, Industry Leading Cost & On-Schedule Deliveries. All of their activities are accredited with an ISO 9001: 2000 certification. When it comes to manufacturing, they follow well- documented systems and procedures for all their products and adhere to stringent manufacturing practices.

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